wEEK 01 

Module 1: The Science of Global Coherence & Interconnectivity - How Love Connects Us

In this opening module, Rollin will share about the term coherence, and how it reflects harmony and order at the personal, social, and global level.

Rollin will offer the latest research on energetic interconnectivity, and how love is the primary factor in nonlocal heart rhythm synchronization.

You'll explore the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) suggestion that the Earth's magnetic fields provide a mechanism that interconnects and distributes information to all living beings on our planet - and why it's so important to "feed the field" with more love and compassion.

Sarah will then guide you in a practice to send coherently focused love and heart energy to the global field - to ease and soften the impact of planetary stress and discord...

... while holding an intention of deeper connections among people and more harmonious cooperation for the good of the whole.

This process also helps strengthen and stabilize the mutually beneficial feedback loops between human beings and the Earth itself.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • A heart coherence technique for radiating love to yourself and the planetary field environment
  • The science of interconnectivity
  • How planetary, solar, and cosmic energies affect our emotions, mental functions, health, and behaviors
  • How to intentionally create energy fields that raise your consciousness vibration and help change the planetary vibration
  • How the GCI magnetometers measure Earth's magnetic rhythms
  • The Global Tree Monitoring system for measuring how collective consciousness affects the global field

wEEK 02

Module 2: Getting the Heart & Brain in Sync - Reduce Stress & Make Better Choices

Transcripts and proofread captions are available in approximately 1 week.

In this session, Sarah will introduce a practical framework of energy self-regulation and the Inner-Ease™ Technique...

... which can help you gain more inner poise, intuition, and clarity in the face of change and overwhelm. You'll discover how improved inner balance and composure facilitates clearer thinking and a stronger alignment with your personal purpose and heart values.

You'll explore how heart-brain interactions affect many aspects of cognition and emotional stability. Rollin will share how technology is used to reinforce self-regulation skills associated with a distinct change in the rhythm of heart activity - which enables optimal mental function and a wide range of improved health outcomes.

He'll show you how self-regulation is fundamentally important to operate optimally. Performance decreases when people lack the capacity to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors in the face of ongoing challenges - which can perpetuate your experience of stress.

In this class, you'll learn:

  • The Inner-Ease™ Technique - a self-regulation technique that can be used in the moment to better manage stress, especially in challenging times
  • An exercise to reveal how, as you expend energy, you can learn to make better choices
  • What the brain in the heart (Heart-Brain) is, and its surprising role in optimal health and performance
  • The benefits of heart coherence on mental performance and emotional composure
  • What heart rate variability is and why it's important
  • About the free Global Coherence App, which you'll use throughout the course to monitor our collective heart coherence

wEEK 03

Module 3: Moving From Depletion to Renewal - Keep Your Inner Battery Charged

Video and audio recordings will be posted within 48 hours after the live broadcast.

Transcripts and proofread captions are available in approximately 1 week.

In this module, Rollin and Sarah will introduce the Depletion to Renewal™ Grid - an effective tool for expanding self-awareness around the attitudes and emotional undercurrents you experience.

You'll come to understand how those emotions affect key aspects of your physiology, performance, actions, and behavior.

Sarah will guide you in an on-the-go coherence technique that you can use in your daily life to transform emotional stress reactions.

In this session, you'll experience:

  • A self-regulation technique to shift draining emotional states and attitudes in the moment - so you can live with more personal peace, joy, and fulfillment
  • How the Depletion to Renewal™ Grid can be used in daily life to increase self-awareness and better manage stress
  • Practices for sustaining coherence and composure
  • What the primary, hidden source of stress is

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